Bloody B740A Light Strike Keyboard Review

Since the advent of the mechanical keyboards, it was only a matter of time before the market became saturated with a plethora of very similar products and options. A4TECH’s very own “bloody” division has brought forth the next evolution in mechanical keyboards, boldly daring to replace the actual switch with Light Strike technology: silent switches that operate by breaking a beam of infrared light. This not only provides the fastest possible response speed, but also adds several inherited benefits from the technology. The B740A is only one of the 15 models using the Light Strike technology at Bloody. Read more at …
  • Bloody ML160 Commander Mouse Review

    Here at Benchmark Reviews, we have the ability to actively scout out innovative products and hidden gems of technology. A4TECH has a secret weapon in the gaming industry developed by their own “bloody” division that boasts the world’s fastest key response using Light Strike infrared micro switch technology. This new type of switch uses an actual beam of infrared light that when interrupted triggers the mechanism. The main advantage of this is not merely the speed, but also insures against accidental double-clicks, the eventual corrosion and breakdown of metal in the switch component, and makes it almost completely waterproof. This is merely one sample of a line up of twenty different types of mice at the bloody website that use this unique technology. Read more at …
  • Bloody Headshot V7 Gaming Mouse Review

    2013-07-22 From:College News
    It’s those other users that A4Tech is focusing on with the Headshot V7 gaming mouse, implementing features that will take your gaming to a plateau that you’ve never experienced. With three internal cores, its own memory, special design located at nearly every turn, and software designed to give users an experience that exceeds anything used before it …
  • Falling in at a reasonable price tag, this customizable mouse is sure to give FPS players of any level some advantage over the competition.

    With the near zero friction metal feet included on the mouse, this makes the Bloody Headshot feel like it is actually floating on the desk. Unlike mice with plastic feet that drag on the desk, this mouse slides so well, it doesn't even feel like it’s touching anything. After a month of using it, there is absolutely no indication of wear to the feet …
  • The Bloody mouse is perfect for FPS fans, but even those hoping to dabble in different genres will get something out of it.

    2013-07-18 From:Gamer Heroes
    It certainly feels better, with rubberized side grips and a nifty track wheel with just the right grooves. It even has a nice glow on both the Bloody hand print logo and the wheel. Looks aren’t everything, but the mouse certainly makes a nice impression at first glance. …
  • E3, After the Dust has Settled

    While I found the mouse pad to be like air (seriously, it was one of the smoothest mouse pads I’ve ever used), the thing that I’m most fascinated with as far as Bloody is concerned is their auto aim-adjustment. For people like me (who gamed a lot more as a youngster, and as such, doesn't really have any skill anymore), the mouse will work with software to adjust in-game for recoil, strafing, etc …
  • A4Tech has a gaming mouse out with one primary purpose: to weight its user's shooter gaming experience into his/her favor.

    A4Tech has a gaming mouse out with one primary purpose: to weight its user's shooter gaming experience into his/her favor. Called the Bloody Gun3 V7, the mouse has a number of features that gamers would designate as desirable. …

    The mouse also supports lightning speed response time, clocking in a minuscule 1ms delay, leaving its competition in the dust. The best and most brilliant feature the Bloody V8MA handles is the three firing rates. his is a nice sleek mouse that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. …