”A4Tech Ultracore3 V7 Gun3 Gaming Mouse Review“

The build quality is excellent. I love braided cables, and the Ultracore comes complete with a velcro strap to keep it wrapped up. When I tested the polling rate (the rate at which the mouse communicates with the PC) the results came back a solid 1000Hz each time, just like it advertised. …

    The beauty of this device is that it feels like something that would normally cost more, but it comes in at an economic price. …
  • ”[Review] Bloody Gun3 V7 Mouse“

    The Bloody Gun3 V7 multi-core gaming mouse is pretty rad. It’s really comfortable to use and has a ton of customization. If you’re hardcore into competitive shooters, I would say put this mouse on your list of possibilities. …
  • ”A4Tech Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse V5 Review“

    The switches used for the main buttons are responsive and there's no slack when at rest. The thumb buttons are well placed and easy to use in the heat of battle. …
  • ”Bloody Ultra Core 3 Gaming Mouse Review“

    The precision of the mouse, coupled with responsiveness of the mouse buttons and the overall handling of the unit is extremely impressive. …
  • “REVIEW: A4Tech's Bloody Ultra Core3 Gaming Mouse”

    Speaking of being comfortable, the mouse features areas to rest both your thumb and your pinky finger on while playing. The entire mouse body cups perfectly into your hand, The mouse wheel moves smoothly, and even glows a bright aura around it, which may be a delight to you “in the dark” gamers. …
  • ”A4Tech Multi-Core Gun3 V7 Gaming Mouse Review“

    No denying that the Gun3 V7 is a well-built gaming mouse that performs, Mouse tracking proved to be exceptional across a variety of surfaces, flawlessly mimics our motions across a variety of mouse pads, wood and plastic surfaces and even performed admirably on a glass table …
  • ”Bloody Ultra Core3 gaming mouse Review“

    The Ultra Core3 gaming mouse has amazing precision and response. The Ultra Core3 gaming mouse is a great mouse, one of the best I’ve used in a while. …