Bloody B820R RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

As far as appearance goes, this might just be my favorite keyboard to date. Vibrant, elegant, and well thought out, this keyboard will definitely turn heads at your gaming convention. That being said, it’s a pity the customization is limited to mainly individual colors and a few animations. Read more at …
  • Bloody Gaming AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse Review

    2017-02-16 From:Gaming Headquarters
    The AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse from Bloody Gaming is one that's aimed towards the competitive crowd and directly at gamers that want the quickest performance. It sports some very impressive speeds with key response times under 1ms and a tracking speed of 150 inches/sec. This is matched with quality performance having a high durability level with 300km gliding mouse feet, 50 million click Left/Right and 10 million scrolls (not the Elder ones). These are of course certain picked out sections to give a general idea of what quality this mouse is packing. It's also an incredibly customizable mouse featuring almost unlimited lights (mine is lime green!), multiple button settings and tons of smaller tweaks when using the Bloody Gaming software. …
  • Bloody Gaming B840 Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing

    2017-02-13 From:Gaming illuminaughty
    Blvck unboxes one of Bloody Gaming's Golden Water resistant keyboards, the B840. …
  • Bloody Gaming B840 LK Optic Mechanical Keyboard Review

    2017-02-13 From:Gaming Headquarters
    The B840 LK Optic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Bloody Gaming is one that's aimed towards the competitive crowd and directly at gamers that want the quickest performance. Like with the mouse counterpart I was able to review this device delivers on performance making it a perfect keyboard for hardcore gamers. Speed is everything to gamers that take their competitions seriously and with the Light Strike Optic Switch you get killer performance. The switch offers lightning speed at 0.2ms key response time and great durability of 50 million key strokes while retaining the tactile feedback. This aspect helps to keep each use of the keyboard the same for a very long time which is important to those that want the familiarity of a keyboard they get used to over an extended period of time. The keystroke is also faster than most sporting a 25% improvement with a travel distance of 3mm which is where the faster rebound percentage comes in. …
  • Bloody Gaming M660 Chronometer Review

    2017-01-24 From:Gaming Headquarters
    The M660 Chronometer from Bloody Gaming is a solid headset that provides comfortable listening while also allowing clear communication. I use a number of headphones in my daily activities whether that's listening to music while I workout, playing games in party chat or streaming/recording gameplay for my Youtube channel. Headsets are definitely a big deal and when testing this one out in all those aspects it works well. The audio is incredible as you can blast sound out to the point of it being heard throughout the entire room, but I'd probably not suggest doing that as it would damage your ears. …
  • CPU Magazine REVIEW: Bloody Gaming M660 Chronometer

    2017-01-17 From:ComputerPowerUser
    If H.G. Wells or Jules Verne were alive today and were gamers, it’d be oddly disappointing if either sci-fi forefather chose a headset other than Bloody’s stereo M660 Chronometer to strap on their domes. After all, the M660’s visual calling card is straight-up steampunk, right down to the gears, sprockets, wire mesh, and clamps that adorn the headset’s headband and massive earcups. Use the USB cable that Bloody supplies to draw power from a PC and LEDs integrated in the earcups and non-detachable omni-directional mic even emit a soft-orange glow that’s reminiscent of machine at work. (A model with red LEDs is also available. Both models include a volume dial on the left earcup.) - See more at: …
  • TechPowerUP Review Bloody B840 Keyboard

    2016-12-20 From:TechPowerUp
    I prefer keys with tactile feedback, and these worked great for me, although their additional clicky sound means you may want to think about who else is around your workspace before using this keyboard. It took less than three days for me to get used to this, treating it as I would any other keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches, for instance. Bloody offers a discrete gaming mode and two profiles to use wherein you can have saved macros or super combos activated, and also have the Windows key de-activated if you so wish. The rest is mostly based on you assigning or re-assigning functions to the various keys on this full-sized keyboard. …
  • Bloody B840 LK Optic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    In the past couple of years, the mechanical keyboard market has simply exploded. Much of this is due to the expiration of the patents on Cherry’s MX mechanical switches, which led to the proliferation of Chinese clone switches which in turn led to a price and features war. Simple backlighting gave way to multi-color and full RGB; this combined with expanded macro capabilities meant keyboards had to be equipped with their own processors and memory. Cherry responded with new variations such as their MX Silent and MX Speed switches. And now Bloody comes along with their optical switches. …
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