Cross - Border Superstar Bloody Handing with 2016 SIGALA Rally

2016-11-19 From:Southern California,
Cross-border cooperation is not only a slogan for Bloody now! We sponsor the SIGALA Rally car racing events. Bloody is not the only fastest key response in the eSports scene, but also chasing the renounced name of fastest speed in the real world. …
  • Soooo BLOODY! Gamers Unite with Bloody at 2016 Russia Igromir

    2016-09-29 From:Moscow, Russia
    A4 Tech's gaming peripherals' brand BLOODY had a great show during this exhibition and earned lots of fans heart. Bloody introduced a new star to the world this time - BloodySONIC, utilizing the exclusive M.O.C.I. technology and 2-Diaphragm Tech which is the soul and heart of golden sound. …
  • Top Bloody in the Grand Gaming Party 2016 China Joy

    2016-07-28 From:Shanghai, China
    2016 China Joy will be held July 28 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. A4 Tech hand and hand with Bloody and BloodySONIC show up in the 2016 China Joy Exhibition extremely popular with lots of fans. …
  • Bloody Lightstrike Switches Introduction 2015 Computex

    2015-06-07 From:TekSyndicate
    Bloody (New Optical Keyboard Switch), - Computex 2015 …
  • IGROMIR Oct.3rd- 6th.2013- Moscow, Russia

    IgroMir (Russian: ИгроМир, Gaming World) is the first large-scale annual exhibition of computer and video games in Russia, organized by the committee of the Russian Game Developers Conference. …
  • E3 Expo- Los Angeles 2013

    Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). E3 is an exclusive, industry-only event. …
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