Bloody B820R Light Strike RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Today, we are bringing you the Bloody B820R Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard. Watching a few videos online from the Bloody website, and reading what we have on the box, we know that this keyboard has much to offer in just about every facet of what makes up a good keyboard. That being said, with all of the tweaks and implementations added into the design of the B820R, how about we get right down to business and show you why the Bloody B820R Light Strike RGB Animation Gaming Keyboard should be the next mechanical keyboard in your life. …
  • Bloody M660 Review

    Bloody is mostly known for their keyboards and mice but we’ve also gotten our hands on their M660 Chronometer headset. My first impression of this headset after putting it on is that it’s very comfortable to wear. The ear cushions are soft and breathe well. The flexible headband on top auto-adjusts for the most comfortable feel. The headset isn’t too heavy either and all of this combines for a headset you can wear for long periods of time without any discomfort. The outside of the headset is LED lit with a neat gear-work design. …
  • Bloody 840 Review

    One special thing about the keys on the B840 is that alternate keycaps are provided for these keys that are silicone coated with a textured surface on top for additional grip. In situations when you’re using multiple keys in precision this can help by preventing slips and accidental key presses. …
  • Bloody B820R RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

    As far as appearance goes, this might just be my favorite keyboard to date. Vibrant, elegant, and well thought out, this keyboard will definitely turn heads at your gaming convention. That being said, it’s a pity the customization is limited to mainly individual colors and a few animations. Read more at …
  • Bloody Gaming AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse Review

    2017-02-16 From:Gaming Headquarters
    The AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse from Bloody Gaming is one that's aimed towards the competitive crowd and directly at gamers that want the quickest performance. It sports some very impressive speeds with key response times under 1ms and a tracking speed of 150 inches/sec. This is matched with quality performance having a high durability level with 300km gliding mouse feet, 50 million click Left/Right and 10 million scrolls (not the Elder ones). These are of course certain picked out sections to give a general idea of what quality this mouse is packing. It's also an incredibly customizable mouse featuring almost unlimited lights (mine is lime green!), multiple button settings and tons of smaller tweaks when using the Bloody Gaming software. …
  • Bloody Gaming B840 LK Optic Mechanical Keyboard Review

    2017-02-13 From:Gaming Headquarters
    The B840 LK Optic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Bloody Gaming is one that's aimed towards the competitive crowd and directly at gamers that want the quickest performance. Like with the mouse counterpart I was able to review this device delivers on performance making it a perfect keyboard for hardcore gamers. Speed is everything to gamers that take their competitions seriously and with the Light Strike Optic Switch you get killer performance. The switch offers lightning speed at 0.2ms key response time and great durability of 50 million key strokes while retaining the tactile feedback. This aspect helps to keep each use of the keyboard the same for a very long time which is important to those that want the familiarity of a keyboard they get used to over an extended period of time. The keystroke is also faster than most sporting a 25% improvement with a travel distance of 3mm which is where the faster rebound percentage comes in. …
  • Bloody B840 Optic Mechanical Keyboard review

    2017-02-11 From:Tech-Gaming
    With the Bloody B840 Optical Mechanical Keyboard, both groups are poised be pleased. Inside the peripheral are over a hundred of what the Taiwan-based company refers to as ‘Light Switch Optic Switches’. Unlike most mechanical keyboards which rely on physical contact to detect each key press, the technology shaves response time and negates physical degradation by sensing each keystroke via a broken beam of infrared light. Since light travels roughly a hundred times faster than the speed of an electrical current and there are no contact points to wear down, the keyboard boasts a clear advantage. …
  • Bloody Gaming M660 Chronometer Review

    2017-01-24 From:Gaming Headquarters
    The M660 Chronometer from Bloody Gaming is a solid headset that provides comfortable listening while also allowing clear communication. I use a number of headphones in my daily activities whether that's listening to music while I workout, playing games in party chat or streaming/recording gameplay for my Youtube channel. Headsets are definitely a big deal and when testing this one out in all those aspects it works well. The audio is incredible as you can blast sound out to the point of it being heard throughout the entire room, but I'd probably not suggest doing that as it would damage your ears. …
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